APIs and SDKs for Remote Identity Proofing



Elegant Document Capture

Lighting enhancements, edge detection, autocapture and image optimization are a few of the many features implemented to ensure maximum image quality for authentication
  • Edge detection and auto capture
  • Image optimized via lighting and focus tools
  • Document classified
  • Consumer data extracted via barcode
  • Helpful popups for guidance
  • Enhanced Security Features
Original Image
Image Optimizer
Here's what is occuring:
Edge Detection
Edge Detection

Determines edges of ID from the background

Image Deskew
Image Optimization

Keystoned images are realigned to fit the desired aspect ratio

Image Crop
Image Crop

Images are cropped and staged for submission to document authentication engines

Forensic Authentication

Forensic Authentication

Forensic Authentication 

Convolutional neural networks and advanced computer vision technologies rapidly capture, extract, classify and authenticate identity documents.



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ID Data Extraction

Information from the ID document is extracted for automatic formfill into your application


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Omnichannel ID Authentication

Allow users to verify their ID from web and mobile web browsers.




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Seamlessly integrated mobile ID authentication

Integrate into any mobile application using CONFIRM's native iOS & Android libraries.
Contact Sales
Confirm any transaction that requires or
benefits from proof of identity
Account Creation
Account Creation

Expedite user sign-up and reduce fraud at enrollment.

Sharing Economy
Sharing Economy

Bring trust to your marketplace by allowing P2P participants to conveniently authenticate their identity from a mobile device.

Account Lockout
Account Lockout

Confirm associated accounts for instances of heightened security such as password reset and lockout.

Legal & Financial Transactions
Legal & Financial Transactions

Improve security and expedite transactions while maintaining KYC, AML, CDD compliance.

Age Verification
Age Verification

Verify a user's age via an image of their license or ID.

Fraud Protection
Fraud Detection

Enhance fraud escalation by enabling discretionary identity checks during enrollment and checkout.

Safe & Secure

Privacy is critical to our customers

We do not store or maintain any PII (personally identifiable information). All data is transmitted over SSL & AES 256

100% automated - Machine Learned - USA

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-curl https://api.confirm.io/v1/ids \  


  -H "Content-Type: multipart/form-data" \


  -u "eaac23d1-3b6a-44ad-a89a-471b8dafd650" \


  -F "frontImage=@/home/Users/confirm/Desktop/id-front.jpg" \


  -F "backImage=@/home/Users/confirm/Desktop/id-back.jpg" \



APIs and SDKs