Kyle Kilcoyne By Kyle Kilcoyne • February 22, 2017 Named Commercial Identity Partner by MorphoTrust USA, President & CEO Bob Eckel Appointed to Advisory Board

Today the leading provider of identity solutions in the United States named its go-to-market partner for the commercial ID and identity authentication sector.



Boston, MA: MorphoTrust USA, the leading provider of identity solutions in the United States, has named Boston-based mobile identity startup,, its go-to-market partner for the commercial ID and identity authentication sector. MorphoTrust’s parent company, Safran, issued a press release detailing the news of the expanded partnership.
“We are excited by our newly expanded partnership with Confirm. Their strategic approach and deep understanding of the commercial market make Confirm well-positioned to enable new ID authentication use cases for the commercial marketplace that will resonate with consumers.” - Bob Eckel, MorphoTrust USA President & CEO
Last January, Confirm launched a developer-friendly platform to authenticate identity documents using machine learning and computer vision techniques. That caught the attention of MorphoTrust USA in Billerica, MA who manufactures over 200 million of the US identity credentials in circulation. In addition to credential issuance, MorphoTrust provides FBI fingerprinting and facial recognition enrollment centers across the country.



The companies announced an alliance to work together in February of 2016 and now they are doubling down with an expanded line of authentication products for both physical and digital driver licenses. In addition to document authentication, Confirm has bundled MorphoTrust's biometric technologies - which include live facial recognition - into its identity authentication stack which is currently available to developers via API or SDK.
MorphoTrust's solutions offer a variety of ID and consumer authentication technologies that include enhanced security features, deep pattern matching and facial recognition. Confirm's developer-friendly solution authenticates global government-issued documents in a matter of seconds through a novel approach that involves advanced image capture, machine learning and computer vision techniques. The integrated solution requires no subjective manual review and was purpose-built to protect the privacy of personally identifiable information.
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Confirm's founder and CEO, Bob Geiman, commented on the partnership:
“There are a wide variety of applications for the commercial sector to use technology that requires authenticating government issued IDs. This type of authentication is critical for any type of high-trust transaction. With MorphoTrust’s best-in-class technology a key component of our engine, we bring a great deal of trusted value to the commercial market.”

About Confirm's Latest Advisor, MorphoTrust USA President & CEO, Bob Eckel:


Bob Eckel is the Chief Executive Officer of MorphoTrust USA, the leading provider of identity solutions and services in the U.S.  Bob’s vision of a simplified, secure  future in which only you can claim your identity has resulted in a flourishing business with revenues doubling to over $600M.  Built on strong identity proofing combined with biometric and document authentication, Bob has led MorphoTrust to become the premier US Identity and Security company.  Prior to Bob’s tenure at MorphoTrust, Bob was President of the identity business of Digimarc and VP/GM at Raytheon. Bob holds seven patents in electronic and optical systems and is published in the fields of infrared systems as well business and management leadership. He holds a B.S.E.E. from the University of Connecticut and an M.S.E.E. from the University of California, Los Angeles.