Kyle Kilcoyne By Kyle Kilcoyne • March 1, 2016

Confirm Releases ID Verification SDK

Boston, MA  – We are excited to announce the release of our ID Verification SDK to help consumers capture the perfect image of a government issued ID - such as a drivers license - from a mobile device.  The product will be available initially to businesses with native iOS apps who are looking to add ID verification or simply expedite user onboarding into their mobile workflows. The SDK offers assisted image capture via edge detection, optimized lighting and helpful hints that adjust in real-time to a user’s movements.


One of the reasons behind the SDK launch stems from the challenges associated with consumers taking their own photos. Unpredictable factors such as lighting or how a user holds their mobile device introduce variables that challenge the consistency of the process.  Apps that currently ask consumers to take photos of licenses unassisted are seeing upwards of 30-40% of those photos returned due to poor quality. This creates frustrating user experiences and puts companies in danger of increased user abandonment  rates.


Confirm’s product and engineering teams set out to correct this painful experience by creating a real-time solution that educates consumers exactly where and how to hold their device to capture high quality images for ID authentication.


“We will offer the best user experience to enable consumers to identify themselves using their mobile phone. This SDK brings together extensive customer research and user testing that helped us build a simple experience for the end consumer,” stated Arik Keller, Head of Product at


ID Closer Face


One of Confirm’s early adopters is the recently launched notary app, that connects customers with paralegals via live video and software. Before the connection is made, customers are asked to capture an image of the front and back of their ID. Using Confirm's SDK, the image is optimized and sent to the cloud for authentication. 



About: is a Boston-based mobile identity authentication company that enables safer interactions between people and businesses by linking physical identification with digital identities. Through the use of restfull APIs and mobile SDKs, the Company makes authenticating any government issued ID easy, fast & secure. Confirm’s solutions are easy to deploy and to integrate with mobile and internet applications to confirm a person’s identity for any transaction that requires or benefits from proof of identity.