By Arik Keller • November 8, 2016

Consumers Feel Safer with Mobile ID Verification

Our team thinks a lot about how we can make transactions between people and businesses safer. When companies implement a simple step to authenticate a driver license, both the consumer and the organization gain an edge on the bad guys. Confirm's mobile product captures high quality images of an ID and detects fraudulent IDs with a high degree of accuracy.
To keep consumers safer, our customers are deploying Confirm ID. Our customers see the benefit gained by asking their prospects and consumers to run a quick scan of their driver license during account sign-up. We've successfully created an ID capture and authentication process that takes a customer just 15 seconds to complete. What we uncovered in our user testing and research is that customers scanning their ID felt safer in general. We put the tester in scenarios like signing up for a bank account, renting a house, or hailing a ride, and nearly everyone felt safer using Confirm.
The government issued ID is not going anywhere. Today's driver license is the most trusted identity document in the U.S. and our nations de-facto proof of identity. There's no doubt the driver license will go digital to your mobile phone. Our partner MorphoTrust is building the first mobile drivers license that incorporates security features that are dynamically rendered when the ID is presented. This ID has already been piloted in Iowa.
And so using Government issued IDs is a safe and easy way to ensure your customers are who they say they are. Identity theft and identity fraud are the two fasted growing crimes in the US. Impersonating someone online is relatively easy. Impersonating someone at the DMV to obtain a legitimate ID with fraudulent information, is not easy. Today's driver license and other forms of physical identification are the only accepted form of true identity today and Confirm ID enables companies to take advantage of this.