By Ralph Rodriguez • December 17, 2015

Study Finds Consumers Are Open to Biometric Authentication

A study sponsored by PayPal and the National Security Alliance found that 53 percent of Americans are “comfortable” replacing passwords with a biometric (in this case, fingerprints). This article goes on to describe additional results of the study which indicate a growing acceptance in the consumer populations of moving beyond the traditional username and password for security. "Other responses to the survey sketches a picture of Americans that suggests we’re more reliant than ever on our smartphones but still very unsure about the proper security measure we should be taking on our mobile devices."


The Security Disconnect

Increasing awareness of the need to take security measures that keep pace with the mobile technology being rapidly adopted by users is a good sign. Awareness that transactions like payments, transfers and accessing critical data on the part of the end users is the first step toward more secure behavior across the board. The article mentioned above goes on to say "One thing that does appear to be clear from the survey is that consumers want companies to do the bulk of heavy lifting when it comes to securing financial data. While those surveyed said that they’re comfortable with giving companies access to their biometric data to replace passwords, it turns out not that many of them actually use them for their phones."


As the conversation around new technologies continues, user awareness of the need to secure their devices will increase as well.