Kyle Kilcoyne By Kyle Kilcoyne • July 26, 2016

Confirm Introduces Enhanced Two Factor Authentication

Confirm is testing Enhanced Two Factor Authentication, a technology that seeks to improve user identity discovery for account lockout and situations of heightened account security. The solution enables organizations to CONFIRM customer identity by allowing them to snap a picture of their driver's license or passport. For consumers, the solution seeks to remove the pain associated with secret security questions (KBA) and call centers by providing a faster and more secure verification method.
Here's how it works: The person who is attempting to gain entry to an account is prompted to enter their mobile phone number. They then receive a text message with a link that prompts them to take a picture of their driver’s license or passport.
Confirm classifies and validates the identity document in the cloud before providing the merchant with customer information to compare against that of the associated online account. If the data matches and access is granted a password reset link can be issued.
For instances of heightened security, organizations can now CONFIRM their users by matching a digital identity to a secure, government document. Learn more aboutE2FA here.