Confirm your customers

with ID authentication APIs and SDKs built for developers.

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Confirm helps over 750 organizations authenticate customer    identity documents in a matter of seconds.




Consumer friendly experience

Confirm authenticates with advanced forensics, extracts ID data for easy use, and retains zero personal information.

Forensic Analysis
Forensic Analysis

Hidden microprint and advanced security patterns are classified and analyzed

Form Fill
Form Fill

Barcode is scanned to extract signup data for new user enrollment

Instant Authentication
Instant Authentication

Automated authentication engine checks and returns answer within seconds


Integrate our APIs and SDKs in minutes

iOS, Android and mobile web


 -curl \  


  -H "Content-Type: multipart/form-data" \


  -u "eaac23d1-3b6a-44ad-a89a-471b8dafd650" \


  -F "frontImage=@/home/Users/confirm/Desktop/id-front.jpg" \


  -F "backImage=@/home/Users/confirm/Desktop/id-back.jpg" \



APIs and SDKs